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Spider-Man Web Slingers

Avengers Campus Expansion | C-Ticket Ride

The new Disneyland Avengers expansion includes an interactive Spider-Man themed ride, Web-Slingers. Where you can sling webs like Spider-Man. I was a part of the props/set design team that equipped the ride with cinematic quality assets that help make the show come to life. The props scope focuses on the ride queue and introduction portion of the ride where most assets are in guest reach. Each item has to be carefully adapted to not be a safety hazard to guests as they travel through the Spider-Man experience. The objects were meticulously curated, selected and often customized by an outside vendor to align the vision of the creative director to the Marvel universe. I was the primary manager for graphic coordination efforts and participated in the frequent vendor visits and check-ins.

Once the pieces were bought off, they were meticulously documented and photographed before being packed and shipped to the site warehouse. Upon arrival, we selected each of the pieces needed for installation and pulled them depending on the construction schedule. In the field, I directed the installation, attachment points, and positioning of the props alongside the creative director.

In addition to the ride, I assisted in the design, production and coordination of the Web Suppliers merchandise store. These buildings along with the rest of the Avengers expansion opened the first week of June 2021.

Revit | Adobe Suite

June 2021

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Anaheim, California


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