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Frozen Themed Ride

Fantasy Springs Park Expansion | E-Ticket Ride | Under Construction

This project is a themed ride that guides you through the story based off of the Disney movie Frozen. It is a magical, highly detailed project that will be a beautiful addition to the Tokyo DisneySea portfolio once completed.

​For this project, I was part of the show set team that modeled each of the scenes (rooms), you move through as you progress through the ride. We used the programs Revit and Rhino to 3D model each of the set pieces and brought them into Navisworks for collision and coordination efforts. Once the pieces were modeled, we brought them together in Revit to create construction drawings and a extensive bid package. On top of the computer work, I attended vendor visits to build out and practice construction techniques for scene mockups of our trickier show pieces. My team also utilized AR and VR to help our creative and artistic directors visualize and physically experience the progress of the ride. In addition, I attended physical scale modeling coordination efforts and was in charge of lighting coordination for the project. One of my proudest pieces I aided in was the modeling of the Ice Palace which you can see in the overall concept art.

Revit | Rhino | Navisworks | Hand Drawing/Drafting | 3D Printing | AR/VR Technologies

Expected 2024

Opening Date

Tokyo DisneySea


Tokyo, Japan


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