Big Lots Corporate Headquarters

Columbus, Ohio

300,000 sq. ft. Office + 860 Space Garage


Photoshop          (Visualization)


The new Big Lots campus features open office space with abundant natural light, a large café and kitchen with outdoor seating, a full mock up retail store, integrated requirements for infrastructure redundancy, and flexibility and space for continued growth.
The exterior design of the new structure consists of a neo-classical aesthetic with a muted, earthy color palette which reflects the proud, yet reserved, Big Lots brand. The design of the core and shell also take into account the needs of the developer, creating a flexible office space without having the appearance of a typical office building.

The interior design focuses on creating a dynamic environment that allows for the diversified portfolio of employees to work efficiently and collaboratively. Agile workspaces were included to allow for people to work how they need to and to promote employee interactions. Taking cues from the exterior, the interior design brings the Big Lots brand forward with subtle cues, while the rest of the palette provides a more neutral, timeless backdrop. The end result is a workplace that is both employee and brand focuses, which promotes an engaged work-life culture.

Gorilla Glue Corporate Headquarters

Cincinnati, Ohio

44,000 sq. ft. | Interior Renovation 



The Gorilla Glue Company is a family owned business managed by five brothers. They needed an update from their outdated workplace and required a new space to fit their growing company. We helped them find the perfect spot that would consolidate both their offices and warehouse requirements in one building. 

I worked with graphic designers to create a branded and visually cohesive office. A vital part of the project was so that it would be a welcoming, experiential place for visitors to meet and learn about their illustrious company. We collaborated with the Gorilla Glue team to define the office’s brand path and created a wide variety of graphics and a signage package that showcased Gorilla Glue and their sister brand, O’Keeffe’s in a bold, playful way.

In the lobby, I designed a custom stacked wooden desk which is complemented by a wood slat wall with wooden printed logos that help frame the space. The corridor adjacent to the lobby continues the wood slat wall treatment that are used to feature products and advertisement graphics. Additional environmental graphics were thoughtfully incorporated throughout the office in other support spaces such as conference rooms, corridors and flex areas. 

This entire project was designed and built in Revit from the existing CAD drawings of the old office building. I have included some side by side images to show the Revit model and the final product. 

Pointe at Polaris

Phase 1 | Columbus, Ohio

20 Acres | Work, Live, Play Complex





The Pointe at Polaris sits upon a large site that encompasses over 20 acres. The first phase of the project opened in early 2018 and includes a 3 story, 106,000 square foot office/retail/restaurant building; a 4 story, 569 space parking garage; and a 4 story, 216 unit apartment building. The second phase will include a second office building, parking garage, and apartment building of similar sizes as well as a hotel. 

My role for his project was to help design and produce the apartment complex layout and keep the color site plan updated with the latest drawing phase. 

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Prototypes

Varies | Ohio

2,800 - 3,800 SF each




Assisted in the development of creating prototype designs for Raising Cane's in order to compete with their rapidly growing fan base. By creating set designs for the franchise, it allowed the company to grow and expand to meet the demand. All prototypes were designed and flushed out in Revit. In addition to supporting the prototype design effort, I also worked on actual construction packages for various restaurants all over Ohio. I would also produce colored elevation drawings produced in photoshop along the way. 




3D Visualization


3D Renderings Completed Throughout My Career




Saxbe Auditorium | Revit, Lumion | The Ohio State University

Example Production Set | Revit, Photoshop | Freelance
Storefront Proposal | Revit, Lumion | The Ohio State University
The District at 1515 Massing Study | Revit, Enscape | M+A Architects


Colored Plans, Elevations


2D Drawings Completed Throughout My Career



The District at 1515 Massing Study | Revit, Photoshop | M+A Architects
Restaurant Renovation Proposal | AutoCAD, Photoshop | M+A Architects
303 Front Street Elevations | Revit, Photoshop | M+A Architects

Pointe at Polaris Expansion Plan | Revit, Photoshop | M+A Architects

Raising Cane's Elevations | Revit, Photoshop | M+A Architects, Freelance

Moldova Police Campus Colored Plan | Revit, Photoshop | M+A Architects




Walmart Corporate Headquarters

Bentonville, AK

SWA Group 

December 2020-

The new Walmart Headquarters are replacing an existing site that held warehouse storage for the company. The 350 acre design embraces the big nature found in Bentonville while tieing in the community, creating bike and walking paths, and embracing the natural environment. My role on this project is to manage ten and counting Revit projects. coordinating with the numerous disciplines on the project, and navigate the difficulties found when designing an organic landscape project in a program designed for architecture. The landscape architecture firm is one of the first to take the leap into 3D Revit from 2D  AutoCAD. In addition to project management, I am assisting in the training and overall support for the Los Angeles firm.