iPad, Procreate, Photoshop, After Effects 


Various GIFs and animated videos of my personal artwork from NFTs to Instagram stickers to Halloween Invitations. 

By Hand

A Collection of Drawings & Paintings

Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic


Breakaway Music Festival Photo-Op: 

Commissioned to make a large wooden painted sign featuring mandalas for a large music festival in Columbus, Ohio. I designed and constructed the peice myself and set it up on site. 

Acrylic Painting Commissions 

Watercolors that I used to sell on Etsy

Digital Artwork

A Collection of My Doodles

Procreate, Photoshop


Series of artworks including a promotion I did in early 2020 supporting Black Lives Matter. I offered free digital drawings for those who donated to a Black Lives Matter related charity of their choice. Shown are a select number of drawings I did over the course of a few months this year. This promotion raised over $1000 for charity. 


Various Flavors, All Yummy

Yes, I bring them into work often. 


I love to bake! During my college years, I would bake my friends cupcakes for their birthday and they were always a hit. Who doesn't love a good cupcake? Once I graduated and got a full sized oven, I upgraded to cakes and never looked back.

Have a big event at work? You can bet that I'm bringing in a cake.